Golf Gadgets And Gizmos

A look at different golf gadgets and gizmos such as swing training aids, rangefinders, etc.

Modern technology has brought many benefits to our lives, and the game of golf is no exception.

There is now a huge range of different gizmos on the market, some more effective than others, of course.

And you can guarantee your opponents will be taking of advantage of them. So if you want to stay competitive and also improve your game you need to be aware of them too. With that in mind, here’s a brief discussion of the best and most effective gadgets available today.

Golf Rangefinders

Golf rangefinders come in two varieties: GPS rangefinders and laser rangefinders. They each have their own advantages.

For example, the GPS versions don’t take as long to work out how far you are from the hole. They do, however, need the golf course to be mapped and loaded into your rangefinder. You may have to pay a regular subscription fee.

Laser rangefinders don’t require any subscription or course mapping. You simply point the rangefinder at whichever object you wish to determine your distance from and pull the trigger or press the button. The best models let you be sure you’re locked onto the flag rather than other objects like trees and bushes.

Golf Swing Analyzers

These devices attach to your golf club or your glove and record your movement as you execute your swing. You can then view a full 360 degree recording of your swing in action to pinpoint any areas for improvement.

The best of them give you huge amounts of data about your swing and provide advice on how to improve it.

Laser Swing Aids

These are again small devices that can be attached to your golf club. As the name suggests, there’s a laser light which shows you where the butt of your club is pointing.

As you then perform your swing, you’ll see three lights. The first is during your backswing, the second during your downswing and the third as you follow through. So you can see the plane of your swing throughout¬† all its phases. Visualising and correcting your swing plane is normally difficult to do, but these gadgets make it easy and can make a big difference to your swing and how well you hit the ball.

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